Letterpress Printing

letterpress printing auckland

Letterpress is the oldest form of printing.
Invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the mid 1400s, but superceded
by modern technologies encouraged by our ongoing quest for speed and efficiency.
Now, only a handful of enthusiasts survive who have both the skills and equiptment
to produce this stunningly beautiful printed art form.

Letterpress is a centuries old method of relief printing.
The type and image is literally embedded into the paper,
creating a wonderfully tactile three dimensional print.
You can literally feel and see the image.

Nothing compares to the elegant look and feel
of a letterpress invitation or business card.


For your Wedding
Engagement | Invitation | Save the date | RSVP card | Menu Cards | Napkins | Order of Service

For your Business
Business Cards | Compliment Slips | Tags | Tickets | Certificates | Serviettes

Personal Stationary | Calling Cards | Change of address | Birthday Party | Invitations

Environmentally kind
Letterpress printing is a relatively environmentally friendly form of printing.
There is little waste and we endeavour to use stock from renewable sources and recycled material.
We use soy-based inks, and clean with the most environmentally friendly products available.